Monday, September 29, 2008

Team Wisconsin Minor Mad City Shootout

Team Wisconsin Minor (U16), coached by Badger alum Gary Shuchuk, won the Mad City Shootout this weekend. This is Shuchuk's first season coaching TW (he had previously coached in the Wisconsin Elite Hockey League (WEHL)), and TW GM Bill McCoshen told me that Shuey is doing a great job for them and that all the kids love him. Nice to hear!

Anyway, I had a chance to make it to a couple of the games this weekend, and I gotta tell ya, it was a good time. (I wore my gameworn Shuchuk jersey. It was a big hit, lol.) TW was pretty dominant -- I looked at the standings before the last game, and TW had already wrapped up the festival. They won all 4 of their games and outscored their opponents 21-2. Nice! Here are the results from the Caps website:

EDIT - I can't explain it -- some of the numbers in the below table that I copied and pasted don't show up very well. But if you highlight the table, you'll be able to see all the numbers!

The Mad-City Shootout Scoring

The Mad-City Shootout will be scored in a festival format. Teams will be awarded points as follows.

4 points for a game win

2 points for a game tie

2 points for each period won

1 point for each period tied

1 bonus point for a game shutout

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Total Points
Madison Capitols 1 7 3 1 12
Russell Stover 10 0 1 2 13
Team Wisconsin 11 9 11 9 40
Affton Americans 0 0 3 8 11
Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 10 10 7 0 27

Shootout: if the score is tied at the end of regulation there will be a 5 round shootout to determine the winner. If the teams are still tied at the end 5 rounds each team is awarded 2 points for a tie. A player may only shoot once during a shootout.

US Hockey rules and penalties will apply to all games.

Games are 15-15-20 minute stop time periods, 5 minute warm-up and one resurface between the second and third periods. If a team is ahead by 6 or more goals in the third period it will be running time for the balance of the game. Each team will be allowed a single one (1) minute timeout per game.

For all games, the home team listed shall wear its home, light colored jersey and the visiting team listed shall wear its away, dark colored jersey

Mad-City Shootout 2008, U16 Division

September 26-28

Madison Capitols Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
Team Wisconsin Affton Americans
Russell Stover


7:30 PM Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 5 vs. Affton Americans 1 Rink A
9:30 PM Russell Stover 3 vs. Madison Capitols 0 Rink A


8:30 AM Affton Americans 0 vs. Team Wisconsin 7 Rink A
10:30 AM Russell Stover 2 vs. Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 7 Rink A

2:20 PM Madison Capitols 3 vs. Affton Americans 1 Rink A
4:20 PM Team Wisconsin 5 vs. Russell Stover 1 Rink A

8:10 PM Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 3 vs. Madison Capitols 2 Rink A


8:00 AM Affton Americans 6 vs. Russell Stover 2 Rink A
8:10 AM Team Wisconsin 5 vs. Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 0 Rink B

2:10 PM Madison Capitols 1 vs. Team Wisconsin 4 Rink A

Moving along . . . Team Wisconsin Major (U18) had a nice weekend as well, winning all 3 of their games. As you know, TW Major includes future Badgers Cody Strang and Matt Paape. Their head coach, by the way, is Badger alum Tony Scheid. Badger alumni everywhere! (Too bad I don't have a gameworn Tony Scheid jersey!)