Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UW Hockey Facility Put On Hold

The proposed athletic facility that was designed to be used as a practice facility for mens hockey and a practice and 2,400 seat game facility for womens hockey has been placed on hold Athletic Director Barry Alvarez announced Tuesday.

Citing a lack of donors, the project has been delayed, at least for now. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, about $6 million has been raised for the project and Alvarez said that the project will not start until $8 million is raised. The overall cost of the facility is expected to be in the $25 million dollar range.

From the article: “This project has been very well received and we are most appreciative of those who have supported it financially thus far,” Alvarez said in the statement. “We are, however, not quite where we feel we need to be to move forward at this time from a financial standpoint."

In my opinion, this is bull s*** Barry. Yesterday Andy Baggot had an opinion article out criticizing Alvarez and his "lack of tact" in recruiting money for the facility. Back in October Alvarez was quoted as saying, "It would be nice if some of our hockey guys would step up." Basically Baggot goes on to say that if you want former UW athletes to donate money, critizing them in the press probably isn't the way to go about things. And to be honest with you, Baggot is correct.

Flat out, this facility needs to be built. So Barry needs to get off of his ass, and do whatever he needs to do to start raising some money to get this thing built. The men's hockey team is the only team at the University that has to travel off campus to get to practice. The current practice situation is a flat out joke.

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