Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ohio State Coach John Markell....FIRED

Well that didn't take too long. Less than 48 hours after Ohio State's season ended after a playoff series loss to Miami, Ohio State has decided not to renew head coach John Markell's contract. Aka....he got CANNED.

“We appreciate John’s service to the institution but most importantly the young men he mentored,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said in a news release. “He is a class person with great integrity. We wish him the best as he pursues his next opportunities.”

This move is probably long over due for a program like Ohio State. In my opinion there is no excuse for this program to be where they are at right now. Just look at the situation that they have there. 1, they have name recognition from being an elite Big 10 school. 2, they have a fantastic 17,500 seat game facility that they sell about zero tickets too because of their lack of success during the Markell era. 3, they play in a power conference. 4, they actually have some pretty darn good players there. A player like Zac Dalpe is a flat out superstar.

So this is a good move for Ohio State. I don't think it's a reach to say that the first name that is going to be brought up for this job, and all major coaching jobs is Enrico Blasi from Maimi. Now, I don't think that Ohio State will get Blasi, but they better try. Blasi has basically maxed out the Miami program. Yes, they are great right now, and things look good on the surface, but if Blasi want's to take it to the next level, he should consider stepping in at Ohio State. Everything is in place at Ohio State for them to be a an elite player with the likes of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, BU, and BC. The only thing missing is an elite coach, and Blasi would give them that.

Scott Bell is another name being thrown around. The head coach at D-3 Hamline in the twin cities has reportedly thrown his name into the ring already. Bell played college hockey for Minnesota and many Minnesota fans want him to to be the successor to Don Lucia if Maturi can ever get him out the door.

Assistant coach names that are being thrown around: Paul Pooley from Notre Dame, Steve Miller from Denver, and unfortunately for badger fans, Mark Osiecki. Pooley has been a head coach already at Providence and is also an Ohio State alumnus, Miller has been a long time assistant at DU and is probably ready to make the move, and Osiecki is the best defensive assistant coach in the country.

"I appreciate the opportunity I had to coach at Ohio State," Markell said. "I'm proud of the young men I had the chance to coach and watch grow up both as hockey players and in life. I'm proud of the accomplishments we had as a team over the years. I wish nothing but the best to the Buckeye hockey program and the people around it. I'm thankful for everyone I worked with at Ohio State, including the assistant coaches, the administration and support staff and the alumni."