Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geoffrion wins the Hobey or it shouldn't be awarded

Props to HockeyFan for the great pic!

The time for unbiased news on Badger Hockey is over (ok so we’ve called out Patrick Johnson most of the season, so maybe that isn’t true already). I’m throwing my 1/5 of the blog’s support behind Blake Geoffrion for the Hobey Baker! I’m just going to safely assume 60 is w/ me on this one, so we are up to a 40% endorsement here. Anyone else want to join us?

Sorry Brendan Smith, you might be the favorite, as far as Badgers go, right now for the Hobey, but I have to go w/ Captain Asskicker for Hobey!

The Kick Ass Captain is having by far his best season in the Cardinal and White, and looking at the long list of potential candidates for the Hobey, he has something that most of the others don’t (Rhett Rahkshani of Denver being an exception) and that is leadership. His stats are right up there w/ forwards across the country, and this is despite missing a chance to rake it up against Tech a few weeks back due to a concussion caused by the cowardly head shot from dress wearing Aaron Marvin.

Leadership is not something one can quantify on a stat sheet, but even to the casual fan it is obvious that Blake Geoffrion is the heart and soul of the Badgers this season. He is a presence on the ice and long will the exploits of #5 be remembered in the Kohl Center. He is the warrior king who fights hard for his teammates in the corner and in front of the net, but is also the diplomat with the officials to ask them why they are such morons and blow so many obvious calls. The skates he has to fill are of titanic proportions, but he never shies away from the challenges, and he accepts his responsibilities with pride, and his hard work shines through as he honors the jersey worn by the greats who have come before him, whose company he is now and forever will be a part of.

Captain Asskicker’s senior year was a blessing to Badger fans everywhere, as most could not believe that he’d return. Thank you Blake Geoffrion for four years of service to Wisconsin Hockey: the team and its fans. It is time for you to guide this team home, home to the Kohl Center on April 11th with National Championship #7 in your hands after weathering six of the toughest games you and your teammates will have endured all season.

Grandfather Boom Boom has to be beaming with pride for his grandson as he watches his success between games of pick up hockey in Heaven.