Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 NCAA Hockey Bracket Challenge Update

So the Frozen Four field has been set and I figured you guys would like an update on the leader board from the 2010 NCAA Hockey Bracket Challenge.

In our first year doing the challenge, we had 76 people sign up which I thought was pretty good for such short notice.

Right now there is a tie at the top between Joe S. and Matthew S. both with 12 points. Both of them have three out of four Frozen Four squads left (BC, Miami, Wisconsin). Both have BC and Wisconsin in the finals but Joe S. has BC winning, and Matthew S. has Wisconsin winning.

The top 5 is rounded out by three competitors tied with 11 points. Phil, Joe W., and Trevor O. all have three Frozen Four teams left as well. Phil can't win because he has the same predicted outcomes that Matthew S. has and Matthew has more points already. Joe W. and Trevor O. could tie each other for the Win if Miami beats Wisconsin in the finals. Unfortunately for Trevor, he forgot to put in a score for the championship game, which is the tie breaker. We shall see if that bites him in the ass.

Thanks for everyone who filled out a bracket. It was pretty painless overall and shouldn't have taken too long. I'm sure it took me 10x longer to set this thing up than it did to fill out. We'll hopefully be doing it again next year and maybe we'll come up with some real prizes this time. I hope whoever wins half my blogging salary isn't too disappointed.

By the way, only two people out of 76 predicted RIT to even win 1 game. C. White and Garrett B. both predicted that RIT would beat Denver. Neither had them making the Frozen Four.

In case you were wondering, I sucked on my predictions. I'm tied for 50th.