Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks For Coming Schroeder

Minnesota golden chokers sophomore forward Jordan Schroeder has officially signed a contract with the Vancouver Canucks, forgoing his final two seasons in a choker uniform.

Schroeder had a pretty good freshman season recording 45 points lurching off Ryan Stoa. This season, when Schroder was supposed to step up and be the man at Minnesota, he flat out wasn't that good. His point total dropped from 45 to 28. I got to see quite a few Minnesota games this season and there were games where Schroeder was flat out invisible on the ice.

Schroeder was picked as the pre-season WCHA Player of the Year and when the all conference teams are named on Thursday, Schroder's name won't even be brought up for third team consideration.

Schroeder isn't the only first round draft pick to disappoint while playing for Don Lucia at Minnesota lately. David Fischer, a first round selection of the Montreal Canadiens and Patrick White, another first rounder by the Canucks have been flat out BUSTS. The Canucks cut their losses with white trading him to the Sharks, and Montreal is just screwed with Fischer.

Schroeders career at Minnesota was anticipated with much hype. He led them to a whopping zero NCAA tournament births, and a 35-32-9 career record (including going under .500 this season). In the same time span, Wisconsin was 44-25-8, and we're still playing this season while the Gophs are drinking long islands at the Library.

In my opinion it was a no brainer on Vancouvers part to sign Schroeder. Schroeder was quoted in the Star Tribune saying that the Canucks wanted to sign him immediately. And how can you blame them? Players are going to Minnesota's wasteland and falling into the abyss. Minnesota can get all the players that they want, but there is no excuse for the seasons that they have been having.

The player development in the land of Prince is simply non-existent right now. Check out this quote from Minnesota Wild Assistant GM Tommy Thompson, "It's just the general situation there," Thompson said of the struggling Gophers. "They've had a poor year with their team, and the whole team. Every guy on that team just looks, there doesn't look like there's a passion to them."

Thanks for playing Jordan.