Saturday, March 27, 2010

EoDS's Cheers Of The Day

Remember when the Crease Creatures used to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to opposing goaltenders because we wanted them to "turn around"? Thems were good times.

Some cheers/chants/songs/tidbits for today:

(to the tunne of "Oh My Darling Clementine")
Where's your trophies?
Where's your trophies?
Where's your trophies, St. Cloud State?
You don't have one,
You'll never get one,
Where's your trophies, St. Cloud State?

Would SCSU ever hang a "Regional Final Participant" banner?

You can't spell "sucks" without SCSU.

Mike Lee is probably not fully aware of how much of a seive he truly is. Repeatedly reminding him of that fact seems like its just the right thing to do.

An appropriate victory chant tonight: "We screwed the pooch!"

I once took a quiz on the back of a box or Frosted Flakes. I then thought to myself: "Did I just apply to St. Cloud State?" Sure enough, I got an acceptance letter two weeks later.

An ode to Blake Geoffrion (to the tune of "Ants Go Marching One By One")

He fills opponents' hearts with dread, Bamm Bamm! Bamm Bamm!
He's got Hobey Baker creds, Bamm Bamm! Bamm Bamm!
His hockey genes are pretty nice,
He's Captain Kickass on the ice,
He's Blake Geoffrion, Wisconsin's number five!