Saturday, March 27, 2010

Justin Schultz, Mike Davies, Blake Geoffrion, I'm in Love

And if you saw last night's game, you'd know why . . .

Justin Schultz started things out right for the Badgers with the first goal of the evening, and then he had a heck of an assist on Blake Geoffrion's game-winner. And I'm honestly a bit surprised that he didn't have more points last night, as I kept expecting him to pick up another PP goal -- unfortunately, the puck never seemed to find Schultz on the number of occasions that the Catamounts allowed him to go to the net during the Badgers' PPs. Now I might be biased, as I'm sure you know that I'm a pretty big Justin Schultz fan, but I gotta tell ya I really liked his play last night.

And what can I say about Mike Davies and Blake Geoffrion? As we've come to expect of them this season, they came up big for the Badgers with timely goals. Nice work, boys!

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