Sunday, March 14, 2010

USCHO PairWise Predictor Is Available

United States College Hockey Online has their PairWise Predictor now available. If you are not aware of what the PairWise Predictor is, basically it's a program where you can imput the results for the upcoming conference tournaments that will be played next weekend to figure out how it will affect the PairWise Ranking.

The PairWise explained by USCHO: "The PairWise Rankings (PWR) are a statistical tool designed to approximate the process by which the NCAA selection committee decides which 16 teams to invite to the Division I championship tournament. Although the PWR does not precisely duplicate the method used by the committee, the PWR has exactly predicted the NCAA tournament entries in each of the last eight years."

Wisconsin is currently ranked #3 overall in the PWR which would be good enough for a #1 seed. Currently, the location of their regional is up in the air and they could end up in a few different places. Obviously they would like to end up in St. Paul where they can bring the most fans. If they can move ahead of Denver they would be a lock to end up in St. Paul.

Our favorite hockey journalist Todd Milewski has found one scenario that Wisconsin ends up with the #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. His formula is this:

CCHA: Semi's-FSU over NMU, Mich over Miami
Third Place-NMU over Miami; Championship-Mich over FSU

ECAC: Semi's-Union over STL, Brown over Cornell,
Third Place-STL over Cornell; Championship-Brown over Union

Hockey East: Semi's-Maine over BU, Vermont over BC
Championship-Maine over Vermont

WCHA: Quarters-UMD over NoDak
Semi's-UW over SCSU, UMD over DU
Third Place-SCSU over DU, Championship-UW over UMD

AHA: Semi's-SH over AF, RIT over Canisius
Championship-RIT over SH

So there are possibilities out there. What can you find to help Wisconsin improve their PWR?

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