Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minnesota 6, Wisconsin 1 Final...

Patrick Johnson scores on Wisconsin's goalie (Brett Bennett) and gives Minnesota a one goal lead after the first period. Get him out of the lineup. I've about had it with his play this season.

Michael Davies snipes on Wangas after a beautiful feed from linemate Derek Stepan to tie up the game at one a piece. The goal gives Davies 32 points in conference play which puts him a tie for 6th in the conference. Davies is third in points per game in the league.

Wisconsin then decides they want to work on the penalty kill and they give up three straight power play goals. Cepis with one and Lucia with two.

Badgers don't listen and continue to take stupid penalty after stupid penalty. Selfish, undisciplined hockey this afternoon. Gophers score two more power play goals and the final is 6-1.

Man games like today are what really piss me off about this Badger team. I realize that this game meant absolutely nothing in the standings but we couldn't have less momentum heading into the playoffs right now. I can guarantee you if we play like this next weekend that Anchorage is going to embarrass us on our home ice.

The Patrick Johnson experiment needs to stop right now. I HATE that I have to call out a player on my own team but this is getting ridiculous. Get Podge Turnbull in the lineup. Podge may take a penalty here and there that he shouldn't but at least he's battling and causes a stir on the ice. Even better, Podge can actually help out on the offensive end. What a grand freaking idea.

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