Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miracle on Ice: 30 Years Later

With the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice passing us by during the Olympics, I had intended on writing a little post about the occassion. I didn't, and the reasons are pretty simple to understand. 1) It's not like I do this for a living, so when I get caught up with work stuff, or the excitement of the Olympics, these sorts of things slip my mind, and 2) What the hell am I ever going to say about the Miracle on Ice that hasn't been said 1,000 times already?

So instead, I'll offer a belated tribute with three simple items:

This wonderful item from Mike Lucas, culled from his columns during the Lake Placid games, that was posted on the 24th. It focuses on Badger Bob's conflicting desires to head out to Lake Placid instead of staying with the Badgers for their series at CC that weekend, and his regrets for not taking Mark with him to Innsbruck in '76.

Anyone who wants to read a good book about the Miracle on Ice, I highly recommend The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey.

And, because it never gets old: