Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Info On the UW Practice Facility

Andy Baggot, who I admit not always agreeing with is doing a good job covering this situation with the athletic facility that was designed to be used as a practice facility for mens hockey and a practice and 2,400 seat game facility for womens hockey. He spoke with coach Eaves and with captain of the 2006 National Champion Wisconsin Badgers Adam Burish tonight.

(I apogize in advance, most of this is from Baggot. Everything in italics if from Baggots article. I don't have much to add I just thought he had a lot of good info and wanted to share it with anyone who had not seen it)

The announcement Tuesday prompted discouraged expressions from those affected by the delay, starting with UW men’s coach Mike Eaves. “It is disappointing,” he said. “There’s no question about that.”

But even more than wanting to hear from Eaves, I wanted to hear from a former players, who Alvarez ripped in the media about stepping up on this project.

Here are some quotes from Adam Burish who donated money to the project: “I’m very disappointed and frustrated with how this whole process has been approached and run,” he wrote, without elaboration, in an e-mail.

Burish, who plays in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks, wrote that he felt sorry for Eaves and his staff “who have put effort into this and held up their end of the bargain by putting a winning product on the ice, and then a promise isn’t kept to them.”

Coach Eaves also had some comments on what the possible next step is: “Now we have to find, ‘OK, what are our action steps? What can we control to get it off the shelf and get it going again?”

Asked if he had any ideas in that regard, Eaves responded in a frustrated tone. “I’ve got a lot running around in my head right now, but I’ve got to decipher them and sift them out a little bit and see which action steps are the right ones to do,” he said.

Photo by Larry Radloff

Article quotes from Andy Baggot

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