Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marvin Suspension Was Originally Longer

Thanks to our friend Bruce Ciskie from "The Ciskie Blog" and also the radio voice of the Duluth Bulldogs, we've learned that St. Cloud State forward Aaron Marvin's suspension of three games for his illegal check on Wisconsin forward Blake Geoffrion was originally longer.

From the article: "A source with knowledge of the talks has told me that the WCHA's original punishment would have banished Marvin for the entire first round of the WCHA playoffs, and possibly the WCHA Final Five -- should St. Cloud make it there."

"That ban -- which could have been as high as five games if the Huskies played a three-game first-round series and eight games if it included the Final Five -- was then reduced to its current state on appeal. The source was unclear if the league wanted to keep Marvin out for the entire league tournament, or just the first round. Either way, the suspension was reduced after the school appealed."

Very interesting information to say the least. Jan Brady State fans right now are bitching about the three game suspension, can you imagine if it turned out to be an 8 game suspension? "MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!"

Like I've mentioned previously, there is simply no room in the game of hockey for contact to the head. We're messing with peoples quality of life when we're talking about hits to the head. If you can't realize that, then you might as well go play in traffic.

Suspending Marvin all the way through the Final Five would have been excessive in my opinion. Three games is perfect so I'm glad that we got that. It certainly sends the message that we're not messing around with hits to the head and you don't have to be afraid of getting your skull crashed in any time you are on the ice.

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