Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Odds & Ends

Well, right now I only have 1 item (not sure if it's an odd or an end), but hopefully I'll scrounge up a few more things by the end of the day, and I'll add them in as I find them.
  • Andy Baggot reports that Mike Eaves can breathe a sigh of relief because classes have started without any further defections beyond KT and Bill Howard.

  • It's interesting, because he indicates that Howard's departure was not a surprise. While Baggot isn't very clear, I suppose he means that it wasn't a surprise to Eaves, because it sure seemed to shock pretty much everyone else, media included. But it makes sense that Eaves would have had an inkling that this was coming.

    And while we know that Kevin Patrick was pursuing head coaching positions this offseason, Baggot also indicates that Mark Osiecki was sought after by college and NHL programs and that strength and conditioning coach Jim Snider turned down a position with the Chicago Blackhawks.