Monday, March 1, 2010

"Erin" Marvin Suspended 3 Games

Finally the WCHA gets something right. Today they issued a press release to announce that it has suspended St. Cloud State forward Aaron Marvin for three games for his hit on Blake Geoffrion during a Saturday night contest between Wisconsin and St. Cloud on February 20th.

"Player safety is of paramount concern to all of us in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and players are responsible for conducting themselves in a proper manner,” said Nancy Sampson, Faculty Representative from the University of Denver and Chair of the Association and Commissioner McLeod in a joint statement. “Our student-athletes need to make every possible effort to play within the spirit of the rules and know that they will be held accountable for their actions."

Finally. It only took like nine days for the WCHA to hand out the punishment. But I'm glad that they got this one right. Marvin deserved to be suspended for his second serious hit to the head this season. His first hit was so serious that Chay Genoway STILL has not returned to action. His second hit caused Blake Geoffrion to miss last weekends series at Michigan Tech.

Head injuries are a serious issue and is a subject that some people are not giving enough thought. There is absolutely no excuse for hits to the head and college hockey and the WCHA need to set a trend that hits to the head will not be tolerated. The suspension of Aaron Marvin is a step in the right direction that these hits will not go unpunished.

Marvin hit on Geoffrion
Marvin hit on Genoway

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