Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yesterday in Badger Hockey History: Dennis Snedden

(Yeah, yeah, I'm a day late on this, but I ran out of time yesterday morning, and I got home late last night and didn't go online. But it's Dennis Snedden, and you know I just can't resist a Dennis Snedden post.)


Dennis Snedden, of the UW hockey team, scored three goals as the Badgers beat Michigan Tech, 4-0.

Snedden is one of five players to have a hat trick in a game during the 1990-91 season.

Snedden, who was mostly a 3rd/4th line guy up until his senior season, scored 5 goals that weekend, prompting his teammates to call him "Gretzky".

IIRC, Snedden also had a really nice goal in the 1990 championship game v. Colgate. As a junior on the '89-'90 team, Snedden mostly skated with Brett Kurtz (It's Kurtzy Time!) and Joe Decker. Snedden said that their job was to create "controlled chaos" and that opposing teams “don't know what to expect because we're never in the right positions. It's like, ‘Where's this guy? He was here a second ago?’” About the trio, coach Jeff Sauer said, " They're not pretty", but they go out and make things happen and that's the key to that line. . . . I use them in a situation where I want to make something happen.”

From Eagle River, WI, Snedden was just 1 of 4 players from our beloved state on the the 1990 Championship team.

In his 4 years with the Badgers, Snedden played in 170 games and had 50 goals and 48 assists for 98 points. He also won the 7th-man Award as a freshman.

(I don't have links to the articles that contained the above quotes, because Madison Newspapers' archives don't seem to go back that far since they redid their website. Bummer.)