Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tom Bardis, Ice Muskie

Apparently former Badger Tom Bardis is now an Ice Muskie. Or as TH might say, HE'S A FREAKIN' HOCKEY FISH. (I actually knew this last weekend but forgot to post it. Sorry!)

The Ice Muskies' website leaves a bit to be desired, as does the AAHL website. So I can't actually find Bardis on the roster. But I know he had an assist in their first preseason game on Oct 16 (9-3 win over Chicago) b/c it's mentioned in the recap, and I know he played in the first regular season game on Oct 23 (8-7 SO loss to Evansville) b/c bucky15 saw him play and mentioned it on uscho.

I was surprised that in the recap Bardis was referred to as a former Badger defenseman. I thought he was a forward at both SLU and UW. I know he practiced with the D during the year he sat out due to transferring, but I thought he played F during the few games that he played last season. (I know my memory stinks, but I can't imagine I'd screw that up.) I'm assuming he's playing at F for the Muskies and that the defenseman reference was an error, but what the heck do I know?

EDIT: On uscho, uwbadgers14 indicated that Bardis was moved to D in the middle of Friday's game because "the D was so brutal Friday night".