Friday, October 16, 2009

Wolves 5 - Icehogs 4

Nice signs, hey?

These very nice fans were sitting near the penalty box, and nubeetle and I saw them holding up the signs when Dowell was in the box (5 for fighting). We saw Jake give them a smile, so we went to check out the signs in between periods, and the fans were kind enough to hold 'em up for us.

If I had been thinking, I would've asked them how they became Jake Dowell fans and why Jake was their favorite player, because I love that kind of stuff. But, alas, sometimes I just don't think. Hopefully they'll see this post and leave us a comment or send me an email at

Dowell was held of the scoresheet, at least scoring-wise -- as I mentioned, he got 5 for fighting in the 2nd period. As you might expect, he won the fight. Had a pretty solid game. He doesn't seem to make many mistakes, and he had a number of good chances. Might just be my biased perception, but it seemed to me that his line didn't get as much ice time as the other lines, so I was a bit disappointed by that, because (obviously) I really like to watch him play.

It's too bad that Chicago has so much frickin' depth. I gotta believe that there are a number of NHL teams in which Dowell would fit in nicely on the 4th line. He's not a star, but he certainly wouldn't be out of place, either.

While we were disappointed that Dowell's team lost, at the same time we were quite happy to see Don Granato get the win as the Wolves head coach. The Wolves had been 0-3, so Granato really needed the win. Don's one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and he loves his Badger fans, so ya gotta cheer for him.

Chris Chelios was in the building, and as I mentioned in another post he seems to really like the chicken dance. He didn't actually do the chicken dance, but I think he wanted to. He was bouncing in time with the music and I think he was smiling; he seemed to really be enjoying the song. Yeah, I think he wanted to do the chicken dance . . .

Oops, almost forgot to give the box score from the game.