Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adam Burish / Jake Dowell

A few days ago, I posted a picture of a father and son who had Dowell posters at the Wolves/Icehogs game in Chicago, and I thought they might like these pictures of Adam Burish and Jake Dowell. Both photos are courtesy of Neil Ament.

I was hoping to hear the story of why Jake is their favorite player, and their wife/mom was kind enough to share it with me, and I gotta tell ya, it's a pretty good story.

Apparently the dad had met Adam Burish and some of the other Hawks at work, and on his son's birthday he happened to be texting Adam. He mentioned it was his son's birthday and asked if Adam might wish him a happy birthday. (On the phone, maybe?) Half an hour later, Adam, Jake, and Brian Campbell showed up at the house and played baseball with the birthday boy and shot Nerf rockets with his sister. Cool birthday for a young hockey player, eh? (Seriously, nice work, guys!)

And as to why Dowell (as opposed to the other 2) became the birthday boy's favorite player? "He's the best baseball player." Excellent! :-)

I might as well take this opportunity to mention that Dowell had 2 assists on Friday (4-1 win over Chicago) and 3 assists on Saturday (4-1 win over Peoria). Nice!

As I mentioned previously, Dowell was named Rockford's captain on Saturday. In the post, I think I mistyped a bit and wasn't clear when I wondered about the implications of him getting the "C", and so I thought I'd take this opportunity to clarify. I had wondered if it implied that the organization didn't see him going anywhere, when what I really meant was that I wondered if it implied that the organization didn't see him moving up to Chicago this season. An important distinction, I think, because I'd hate to give the false impression that I thought the organization didn't see him going anywhere in general. (It was clear in my head when I wrote it.) Given the Hawks depth at F this season, they don't have a lot of room to move guys up right now, and so unfourtunately it's likely that he will be in Rockford for much of this season anyway. And if he's going to be in Rockford anyway, I suppose he might as well have the "C", because I'm sure he's earned it. He's a good player, a good leader, and a hard worker, and it's nice to see that recognized. (Dang, I wish he were in Chicago, though!)

Anyway, thanks again to my new friends in Chicago for letting us take their picture and for sharing their story. And since I like the picture so much, I'm going to go ahead and post it again. :-)

Go Gold Mites!