Monday, October 12, 2009

Jack Skille Called Up... For Now

It's no secret that Jack Skille is having trouble staying up with the big club in Chicago. It's no secret that Chicago is flirting with the salary cap. (Not taking into account the many call ups and send downs: has the Hawks at only $804,000 below the cap as I'm writing this)

Suburban Chicago news source The Herald News has an article up comparing the two situations, along with some of Jack's takes on the situation:

As for Skille, he's just happy for whatever time he gets with the Hawks. The five minutes he played in Saturday's opener was his first taste of ice time this regular season.

''It feels good to be part of this team that, that's for sure,'' Skille said. ''It's frustrating knowing your contract is what's really hurting you, and there's nothing you can do about it. That's the worst part. You're helpless in that situation.''


''His being sent down was the economics of our game, and that plays a part in hockey decisions,'' coach Joel Quenneville said. ''Jack had a real good camp. You could see his speed and how much he wanted to make this team.''


''Whether he's a fourth-line player or more than that, he provides speed and give us a lot of energy,'' Quenneville said.


Because of the NHL's salary cap rules Skille isn't sure where he'll play his next game, and he's prepared for a season of bouncing between the Hawks and Rockford.

''I've got to have the attitude that I've got to prove myself every shift like I had in training camp,'' he said. ''For me this is still training camp. You never know what will happen. I might get called in one morning and told I'm back to Rockford for salary cap issues again. That will be haunting me the whole year, until they make some moves to make some [cap] room.''

I don't think its unreasonable to say that Chicago's lack of money management is both handicapping the team and its ability to develop players like Jack Skille. On the bright side, he seems to have a good attitude about it. Any way you slice it, he's absolutely right that if the Blackhawks want to be successful, they'll have to make some cap moves, and I wouldn't be shocked to see them selling off some players by the deadline, regardless of their placement in the standings.

It's a shame that someone like Jack has to get caught in the middle of what's going on on Madison St. By all reports I've read, the Hawks seem to wish they could keep him up top, but it's just not happening. Whattya gonna do? That's just the way the business goes. We'll be pulling for you, Jack.