Friday, October 16, 2009

Opening Night Line Chart (Where the F*** Is Davies?)

Let me start this off by stating that the opinions in this post are of mine, and mine only. These thoughts (at least that I know of) do not reflect the opinions of the other posters on this blog.

Our favorite local writer Andy Baggot provides us with the line chart for the season opener tonight for the Badgers when they take on the Tigers of Colorado College.

Andy Bohmbach-Blake Geoffrion-Patrick Johnson
Jordy Murray-Derek Stepan-Craig Smith
John Mitchell-Ben Street-Ben Grotting
Aaron Bendickson-Sean Dolan-Podge Turnbull

Ryan McDonagh-Jake Gardiner
Cody Goloubef-Justin Schultz
Brendan Smith-John Ramage

G -- Brett Bennett

With the disclaimer out of the way, let me put this out on the table for you. WHERE THE F*** IS MICHAEL DAVIES.

I've been one of the biggest Eaves backers out there. The past two seasons I was the one defending him when over half of the fan base was throwing him under the bus. At the end of this past season there was an overwhelmingly large group of fans calling for the dismissal of our esteemed coach. I was the one writing articles defending him.

BUT, I will also say that if Eaves does not take this team with an extreme amount of talent, and make them a National Championship contender, his job should be in jeopardy. Especially when he's making roster decisions like leaving big time point producers like Michael Davies off of the lineup card.

We all know that Wisconsin has an abundance of talent at the forward position this season. But it is a complete, and utter joke, that a player of Davies caliber is being left out of the lineup when Patrick Johnson is getting first line minutes. Davies is an elite play making threat. He trails only Geoffrion and Stepan in returning forwards in points per game last season. In 35 games last season, Patrick Johnson produced a whopping 7 points. SEVEN. In 34 games last season Davies had 23. I just do not understand how you leave a player, who enters his senior season over the 70 point mark of his career, in the stands.

Now I know Davies sat out some time last season due to coaches discretion. And I somewhat understand the tactics behind that. But leaving him off the lineup on opening night? Did I miss something here? This has to be a joke right?

Needless to say, I'm pissed off at this roster decision. I pray that this is simply a brain cramp on the part of the coaching staff. You simply cannot leave players like this in the stands. What does this say to potential recruits? Yeah you may put up 20 plus points ever season but if you piss Eaves off your going to be in the stands as a senior? I mean come on. You can't honestly tell me that Davies, even if he's doing backwards crossovers in the neutral zone when the puck is in our end isn't worthy of cracking the UW lineup right now.

With that said, Go Badgers.