Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Badger Men's gameday coverage

UPDATE : has revamped their site -- I tried to fix all my links below, but I wasn't completely successful. The nice thing about the new site is that the game calendar on the front page appears to include the webcast links and indicates if the game is on TV -- clicking on the TV icon will take you to the schedule, and highlighting the game will bring up TV broadcast info on the right.

With the opening season this weekend, I suppose it's time to review the TV/radio/webcast coverage:

TV Coverage Schedule

16 games will be shown live -- with 7 games on FSN, 8 games on WISC TV in Madison (on Charter or Time Warner Cable in other parts of the state), and 1 game on the Big 10 Network. Which I guess for a lot of people means 7 games. Because not everyone has the Big 10 Network, and not everyone can get the WI local broadcasts -- I have DirecTV, and from what I remember from last year, I couldn't get those. (Anyone else remember differently?) Bummer.

14 games will be shown tape-delay on WPT / The Wisconsin Channel. Games on WPT will be aired at 10PM; games on The Wisconsin Channel will be aired at 11PM. All 14 games will also be aired the following day at 6PM on The Wisconsin Channel. The Big 10 Network will also show 1 game tape-delayed.

6 road games will also be shown on Charter Digital Cable channel 87.

Video Webscasts
Per, all games not shown live will be webstreamed on, I'm assuming for free as in the past. Also, the Big 10 Network will webstream 4 games for $2.99 each. 3 of those games are not televised and would have been streamed for free at; I'm hoping that uwbadgers will still stream these events so that we don't have to pay the stupid Big 10 Network, but I'm guessing not.

Radio / Audio Webcasts
Of course, if you're in Madison, you can catch the games on WIBA. Here's the list of the Badger Radio Network, but good luck with that, as my experience has been that most of the stations don't air hockey games. I'm hoping loyal reader Scott from MKE will continue to keep me in the loop on radio coverage in MKE so I can include that in my "I'm in Love" posts.

You can get audio webcasts on for $9.95/mo. Hmm, last year we could get hockey on yahoo for $4.95/mo, but there's no hockey option this year -- we have to get all of the sports (FB/MBB/WBB/MHKY), which stinks for those who aren't really interested in audio webcasts for the other teams. I also remember something from March of last year about WIBA being able to live stream games for free online, but I have no idea if that will continue this year. (Anyone know anything?) Oh, and I think WSUM student radio will be streaming all home games online for free.

Gameday Blogs
I'm assuming that Paul Capobianco will do live gameday blogs for away games as he did in the past. Luv ya, Paul!

EDITED TO ADD: Capobianco's guide for watching, listening to, and following Badger Hockey