Saturday, October 24, 2009

MHKY G4: Mavericks 3 - Badgers 2

2 thoroughly disgusting checks from behind from Wisconsin in less than 5 minutes tonight, and Mankato takes the lead on the second. Karma. -- Todd Milewski via twitter

I don’t think we came with the same fire we had last night. -- Mike Eaves

It's disappointing because we didn't do the things that we needed to do. Our expectations are high and we didn't get done what we needed to do. -- Mike Eaves

You know, when the game was tied at 2, I thought the Badgers were going to win. They didn't come out with as much intensity as the night before, but I thought maybe they were starting to grab the momentum. Then they took 2 consecutive CFB penalties, and nothing good can come of that. Along with the 5-min majors, C Smith got a 10-min game DQ and will be out next Friday, whereas McDonagh just got a 10-min misconduct. (On the radio, Oz said he thought McD should've gotten a DQ as well, and in the game recaps Eaves basically says the plays were stupid and that penalties were deserved.)

3 stars of the Game per Cerniglia/Posick
1. Brendan Smith - 1 G 1 A
2. Blake Geoffrion - 1 G 1 A
3. Austin Lee

Subway Sub(s) of the Game per Cerniglia/Posick
- 6 Mankato players (5 skaters who didn't play Friday and goaltender Austin Lee)

In case you missed it
I don't have Charter so I didn't see the game, but apparently in the 2nd period Podge Turnbull had a goal that didn't count, even though it went in the net before the play was whistled dead. “He (Beaurline) told me he was in the act of blowing the whistle and that’s a rule,” Eaves said. “If it’s his intent to blow the whistle, the play is dead. Judgment call.”

Shootout winner revisited
This week, Michael Davies won the weekly shootout, and it seems that he played pretty well this weekend. Last week, Podge Turnbull won and played pretty well v. CC. I kind of like this trend. (Of course, I'd like the trend a whole lot more if the Badgers were getting some more W's.)

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