Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Wednesday; I'm in Love?

Not exactly how the song goes, but I'm going to Chicago tonight to see the Icehogs/Wolves and should see at least a couple of Badgers.

I have no idea where Skille is; I can't keep up, and I'm starting to think it's not worth trying. Last thing I saw was him being sent down to Rockford yesterday, so I'm expecting to see him, but who really knows.

Looking forward to seeing Jake Dowell play. In Rockford's last game (5-3 win over Toronto), Dowell had 1 G and 1 A. Hey Jake, how 'bout scoring some more goals for us tonight?!

Also looking forward to seeing Don Granato behind the bench for the Wolves. It shouldn't surprise you that I'm a big Don Granato fan!

And of course there's the potential for a Chris Chelios sighting, in which case I'm supposed to tell him that Ma 60 says "hi". Nubeetle told me he heard that Chelios had signed with the Wolves, but I haven't seen anything in print yet. Chelios skated with the Wolves on Monday, and here's an excerpt of an email I received from the Wolves:

Chris Chelios takes a big step toward joining the Chicago Wolves when he starts skating with the club Monday, according to a source close to Chelios.

The 47-year-old Chelios has told friends he would like to play professional hockey until he's 50, and the 24-year NHL veteran turns 48 in January.

The legendary ex-Blackhawks star plans to skate with the Wolves next week and see how he feels physically while checking out the operation, but it would be shocking after that if he didn't sign a contract with the team.

Chelios always talks about returning to Chicago someday, and this would not only allow him another season in his hometown, but also a chance to get his legs in shape in case an NHL club throws in a call to him next spring.