Monday, April 28, 2008

Shattuck St. Mary's Recruits Wrap Up

Well I guess by today I meant tuesday. For all of those who read the previously posted Shattuck's article, I turn your attention to Dplaya's thoughts on "character" over on the HIW blog. Its a few posts down the page. He makes some great points, and the Shattuck's article really left me w/ the feeling that Wisconsin couldn't haven't gotten three better young men in Derek Stepan, Jordy Murray and Brock Montpetit. I know that Brock didn't play last season w/ the Prep team, but I'm sure his time at Shattuck's carries w/ him.

If you recall, Shattuck's won their 2nd consecutive National Title this season, here is a recap of Derek and Jordy's numbers from the 2007-2008 campaign.

Derek Stepan: 60 games, 42-62-104 w/ 16 PIM
Jordy Murray: 60 games, 38-57-95 w/ 68 PIM

Derek was 2nd on the team in scoring while Jordy was 3rd.

Looking back to 2006-2007:

Derek Stepan: 63 games, 38-32-70 w/ 22 PIM
Jordy Murray: 63 games, 26-42-68 w/ 71 PIM
Brock Montpetit: 63 games, 32-30-62 w/ 66 PIM

As many of you might recall, these three young gentlemen played on the same line that season, so why not include Brock Montpetit in the discussion. This line averaged over 1.5 goals per game that season, quite impressive! Derek, Jordy and Brock were also 2nd, 3rd and 4th in scoring respectively that season for the team.

Finally, Jordy Murray has been playing in the Shattuck's varsity squad since the 2005-2006 season and this stats that season were: 42 games, 17-21-38 w/ 34 PIM.

I still regret not going over to watch Derek and Jordy play when they were in Madison this winter for the Capitols tournament, but October is only a few short months away and hopefully I'll be able to catch them in their road Red's @ DU in the middle of October, unless the season starts earlier than that at home at the Kohl Center.