Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update: Badger Women in China

Team USA will be playing Saturday morning (4/12) at 6 am Central for the Gold Medal. The game will be televised live on the NHL Network, and replayed 4/12 at 3:30 pm Central and 4/15 at 7:30 pm Central. (Thanks to Hux on uscho for posting this info.)

Here are the remaining Badger stats from the qualifying games:

FIN 1 - USA 0 (4/8)
Duggan 0G 0A, 4SOG, E
Knight 0G 0A, 2SOG, E
Lawler 0G 0A, 1SOG, E
Engstrom 0G 0A, 1SOG, E
Weiland 0G 0A, 2SOG, E
Vetter 14SAV

CAN 4 - FIN 2 (4/9)
Mikkelson 0G 0A, 1SOG, E
MacLeod 0G 1A, 0SOG, E

USA 4 - CAN 2 (4/10) -- you can rewatch this game on the NHL network!!
Duggan 1G 0A, 2SOG, +2 -- scored the game-winner!!
Knight 0G 0A, 0 SOG, -1
Lawler 0G 1A, 3SOG, +1
Engstrom 0G 0A, 0SOG, -1
Weiland 0G 0A, 0SOG, -1
Vetter 14SAV

Mikkelson 0G 0A, 0SOG, E
MacLeod 0G 1A, 0SOG, +1

(For those of you who read this post before I edited it the first 3 times -- yes, I know I misread the article on, and yes, I know I messed up the time of the championship game because I got a little confused. Ooooops!!)