Friday, April 4, 2008

BCHL Recruit Wrap Up

The BCHL season isn't over, but it is for our future Badger recruits, and it's a good time to recap their seasons.

For those you who follow the Hockey in Wisconsin blog (and if you don't you should!), know that Derek Lee and Justin Schultz gave verbal commitments to Wisconsin earlier in 2008. They are both currently scheduled to arrive in Madison in 2009. At the time of their commitments, they were considered two of the top prospects left for the birth year (I believe 1990) and were being courted by several other NCAA schools. I remember listening to some Boston U fans crying about their commitments, since they supposedly offered the kids a chance to come in for next season, but being wise young men, they would rather don the Cardinal and White of Wisconsin, even if they have to wait a year.

Justin Schultz played his 1st season w/ the Westside Warriors and looks to have the makings of a great defensemen. From his stats, he doesn't take a lot of penalties and appears to be a solid performer on the PP. He was tied for the team lead in scoring for defensemen. His stats:

Regular Season: 57 games 9-31-40 w/ 5 PP goals and 28 PIM
Post Sesaon: 11 games 3-5-8 w/ 1 PP goal and 4 PIM

Derek Lee played in his 2nd season for the Salmon Arm Silverbacks (Scott Gudmandson played w/ him last year) and is buddies w/ Kyle Turris. Derek is a smaller player, but incredibly quick, and it sounds like a great playmaker. Things that are definately needed on the Badger's roster. He lead his team in scoring in the regular season. His stats:

Regular Season: 51 games 21-56-77 w/ 11 PP goals and 28 PIM
Post Season: 11 games 4-5-9 and 6 PIM

I'm not sure where these kids will be playing next year. I'm assuming they will return to the BCHL, but I suppose they could jump to the USHL too, if a spot is available. If anyone knows how that works, feel free to shed some light on things. I think the BCHL is basically the equivalent of the USHL, but not 100% sure on that.

I don't have the NHL's central scouting info in front of me, but I want to say Justin Schultz is projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick in this summer's NHL draft, while Derek Lee is projected in the 4th or 5th round. The next round of central scouting rankings is suppose to be out soon, and I'll post the important Badger related information when it becomes available.

While I'm talking about recruiting, Andy Baggot has a piece about the next recruiting class. He thinks that Jordy Murray and Derek Stepan are coming next season. Speaking of those kids, I'll have a Shattuck St. Mary's update soon, along w/ a USHL recruit wrap up. Those seasons are almost over.

I have more thoughts on recruiting in general I would like to share in the future. I'll wait for a slow Badger Hockey news week to discuss that.