Friday, April 18, 2008

Nick Pryor Pre-Finland

As you already know, 2009 Wisconsin defensive recruit Nick Pryor has agreed to do a little correspondence piece with us while he is in Russia for the U-18 World Championships. Nick will be updating us as they go through the tournament when he gets some free time. Here's Nick's update for us today. Thanks again Nick!

Nick Pryor, Team USA U-18, U-18 World Championships 4/18/2008

Hey everyone, sorry it has taken me a couple days to write but Ill just give a quick update. We lost to Sweden two nights ago in an up and down back and fourth type of game. We went up on them 3-1, but they came back and won 5-4 scoring on a breakaway goal in the last ten seconds of the third period. It was for sure a heartbreaking loss, but now we have to bounce back and play a tough Finland team tonight. We did not win the pool so we don't get the the bye right to the semifinals but we did clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. If we beat Finland we will take second, and if we lose we will obviously get third. We will play either Germany or Canada depending on how we do today. The Quarterfinals will start on Sunday, so after our game tonight we will have a day off to rest and recover before the medal round starts. Thanks for reading and Ill try to give you a quicker update after the game tonight! Thanks for reading! GO USA

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