Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jeff Henderson Small Business Owner

My mailbox contained the Wisconsin Athletics Badger Update today, and glancing through it, there is a piece on backup goalie Jeff Henderson.

"Before he arrived at Wisconsin, Henderson had a background in business. As a freshman in high school, he started growing pumpkins and selling them to local grocery stores in his hometown of Menomonie, WI. This business has since grown, with his brother now taking care of much of the business while Henderson, a junior, studies economics. They now sell to stores throughout Minneapolis and northwest Wisconsin. Henderson also wears a pumpkin on the back of his goalie mask to honor the businees."

Nice to see some press on a walk-on athlete like Jeff. Jeff and Ryan Jeffery will both be seniors this season and hopefully Coach Eaves will find a way to get them both a little action. Though I'm sure they don't get the one on one time w/ Bill Howard that Shane Connelly, Brian Elliot and Scott Gudmandson have gotten in the past 3 seasons, but they play an important role on the team and deserve some recognition.