Monday, April 7, 2008

Badger Women in China

Hey, lookie, it's Meghan Duggan!
Photo from USA Hockey.

As you know, the 2008 IIHF World Women's Championship is currently underway in Harbin, China. Here's how our Badgers have done so far:

April 4:
USA 8 - GER 1
Duggan 2G 0A, 4SOG, +2
Knight 0G 0A, 3SOG, E
Lawler 0G 0A, 0SOG, +2
Engstrom 0G 0A, 2SOG, +5
Weiland 0G 0A, 0 SOG, +2
Vetter 2 SAV (apparently GER only had 3 SOG!)

CAN 8 - RUS 1
Mikkelson 0G 0A, 2SOG, +2
MacLeod 0G 0A, 0SOG, +2

April 6:
USA 7 - SUI 1
Duggan 1G 0A, 8SOG, +1
Knight 0G 1A, 3SOG, +1
Lawler 0G 1A, 4SOG, E
Engstrom 1G 1A, 2SOG, +2
Weiland 0G 0A, 2 SOG, +1
Vetter DNP

CAN 11 - CHN 0
Mikkelson 0G 0A, 3SOG, +5
MacLeod 1G 1A, 1SOG, +5

Upcoming games:
Tues USA - FIN (I guess it's actually 11 PM Central tonight)
Wed CAN - FIN (11 PM Central Tues night)
Thurs USA - CAN (11 PM Central Wed night)

And hey, if you don't mind staying up, you can catch the webcast of the USA games here. Brian Schulz says they'll have a Meghan Duggan interview during the USA-FIN game!