Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sports Illustrated is a JOKE!!!

SI has given their predictions on next year's Top 10 in college hockey.

Apparently they did do some research but didn't bother to learn how to spell players names.

"8. Wisconsin -- Assuming they return to Madison, Jamie Micatin and Ryan Macedonia will make up one of the nation's most imposing defensive combos. This should help Shane Connell, who will be a senior in net. Blake Efron and Ben Street will be bigger factors up front, complementing a strong recruiting class."

Well at least they got Ben Street's name right. Ryan Macedonia??? Ok I can understand (remotely) missing the Y is Connelly, but McBain, McDonagh and Geoffrion are all NHL draft picks, unless SI doesn't cover the NHL anymore? I was surprised that SI still exists.

We weren't the only victims of SI's lack of journalistic ability, North Dakota has players named Taylor Chorine and Andrew Kopek. They made an error w/ minnesota too, its Alex Wangas.