Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nick Pryor-On to the Bronze medal game

As you already know, 2009 Wisconsin defensive recruit Nick Pryor has agreed to do a little correspondence piece with us while he is in Russia for the U-18 World Championships. Nick will be updating us as they go through the tournament when he gets some free time. Here's Nick's update for us today. Thanks again Nick!

Nick Pryor, Team USA U-18, U-18 World Championships 4/23/2008

Hi Everybody. As I'm sure you have found out by now we lost to Russia in the semifinals 3-1 with an empty netter. Today we will play Sweden for the Bronze medal. Obviously it is a huge disappointment not to be playing for the Gold tonight, but I guess coming out of here with a medal is better than nothing. The game was back and fourth, and we just couldn't get a bounce. We had one PP to there four and nothing seemed to go there way. Well I guess all this two years comes down to one game today, whether we will have something to remember or not. Thanks for reading...GO USA

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