Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's not Friday; I'm not in Love

It's only Thursday, and the Badgers aren't playing. However, there is college hockey today, so I felt somewhat obligated to post something. Normally I'd do a game-day linkorama, but Gandalf is on the ball and already did that yesterday. (Yay, Gandalf.)

Instead, I'll direct you to Todd's post that provides Wisconsin connections in this weekend's Frozen Four, and then I'll leave you with this:

Despite it’s name, the wolverine is not related to the wolf. The wolverine is very clever like a wolf, but he is much more resourceful than a wolf.

The wolverine is always on the move and is always trying different ways to get the job done. (Sounds good for a hockey team.)

The wolverine doesn’t eat more than he needs. (Does this mean Michigan won't run up the score?)

Is the wolverine fast?

The wolverine has two speeds, fast and stop. If the wolverine is not “sprinting” it is at a complete stop. Therefore to catch prey, the wolverine must ambush, pounce or find a slower animal. (I haven't been following Michigan hockey much this year, but I'm guessing they're pretty fast.)

What does the wolverine do if he is slower than his prey?

To attack prey, the wolverine will climb to the top of a rock or a tall stump, then when a deer of some other medium to large animal comes along the wolverine will jump squarely on the unfortunate animals back, breaking or severing vital organs. (Hmm, might we have a rough game?)