Saturday, April 12, 2008

BC Wins 3rd National Title

Well congrats to BC on the 4-1 win over Notre Dame! They played their best hockey at the right time, like Michigan State did last year, and like our Badgers did two years ago, and took home the National Title after being the runnerup the 2 years previous.

Nathan Gerbe was named Most Outstanding Player, pretty easy choice when a guy gets a hat trick on thursday and adds two more goals tonight, and had 8 points on the weekend. He looked impressive.

Felt bad for both teams having Todd Anderson as the referee, and later to find out that Greg Sheppard was the replay official. The disallowed Notre Dame goal was a tough call, probably the first time any WCHA official has put in an honest effort at reviewing a goal all year.

BC shouldn't get too comfortable w/ the trophy the Badgers will be in Washington DC a year from now claiming #7!