Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Greetings, Badger Hockey Fans!

My name is 60 (well, that's not my real name, haha, but you know what I mean), and I used to write for HIW before the site changed locations. When HIW moved, I toyed with idea of creating a blog, as did Chuck Schwartz. At the time, both of us decided not to do anything. But then I was talking to my buddy Gandalf, and he was really interested in the idea. So I thought I'd start something up. I'm currently in the process of adding contributors. Gandalf, of course, will be participating, and I imagine he'll have quite a bit to say about Badger recruits (and KT, too!), and I'm hoping that Chuck Schwartz will join us and do the same (with recruiting, not necessarily KT). Nubeetle should provide some good coverage of the women's team, as well as alumni updates. I tend to be pretty fired-up about Badger alumni, but you probably figured that out from my posts on HIW. And, of course, we'll all post about the current men's and women's teams.

For those of you (like Gandalf!!) who are less-than-familiar with the 1990 Championship Team, they had a motto that went a little bit like this: "60 Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets." It was written on a sign, and the boys liked it, and I believe they carried the sign around on road trips. So that's how I got my name, and that's how I got the name of this blog. As the blog description states, this blog will talk about Badger recruits (future Badgers), current Badgers (duh!), and Badger alumni (forever Badgers). I dislike the term "former Badger", because once you're a Badger, aren't you always a Badger?!

This blog is not meant to be a competitor to DPlaya's fantastic HIW blog. Rather, we hope to be a complementary blog, focusing primarily on Badger Hockey, rather than all of the other hockey in Wisconsin of which DPlaya does an outstanding job covering. (Besides, we could never compete with HIW, anyway -- it's just too good!)

Hope you all enjoy this humble blog. Please bear with me with formatting issues as I get things set up, as this is the first blog I've run myself. And of course, if you have anything you'd like me to post, please feel free to email me at sixtymin@gmail. com. Go RED!