Wednesday, August 20, 2008

INCH's A to Z: John Mitchell

Well, it's just INCH, but their preseason A to Z profiles are better than nothing. This year, they've picked the intriguing John Mitchell.

Mitchell struggled his first season with the Badgers, but he showed great improvement his sophomore season. Standing 6-5, it's not surprising that he has a really long reach, yet I'm always impressed by just how long his reach is. And as INCH mentions, he has a timely scoring touch. INCH also mentions that Mitchell has added 20 lbs to his frame since his arrival in Madison and hopes to add another 10 lbs. Here's hoping that, with the additional weight, Mitchell starts to use his size a bit more on the ice.

Mitchell's size and improved play last season garnered him some interest from NHL teams. He participated in the Wild's Prospects Camp, and a crazy reporter called him a big-framed wrecking ball.