Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Badger Women to play in the first Women's US Hockey HOF Game

Kudos to US Hockey Hall of Fame. This organization has sponsored men's HOF games for over 30 years, and now they are adding a women's HOF game. The Badgers are honored to be part of the inaugural event.

Wisconsin and Bemidji meet in a WCHA conference series on Oct 17 and 18, with the latter game being played at 6pm CT in Eveleth, MN as the Women's US Hockey Hall of Fame Game. (The Oct 17 game will be @ Bemidji at 7 pm CT.)

In the men's HOF game on Oct 11, Denver will host Notre Dame. On Oct 10 in Denver, the US Hockey HOF will induct it's latest members, including Badger Mike Richter and Cammi "should've been a Badger" Granato. Cammi, who likely would've played for the Badgers if they'd had a team at that time, is the 1st women's player to be inducted to the HOF.