Friday, August 1, 2008

US NTDP U17 roster includes Simonelli, Mersch

The2008-09 NTDP U17 roster was officially released today, and as expected future Badgers Frankie Simonelli and Michael Mersch have made the roster. The '08-'09 U17 schedule was released just a few days ago.

If you'd like to refresh you memory, here are our previous blog posts about Simonelli and Mersch.

Not sure if we posted this previously, but I just ran across this blurb from The Scouting News regarding Simonelli:
Top notch?

What can be a more fitting tribute to a 16 year old player other than an offer from a solid, nationally ranked team? Every prospect with a modicum of hockey ambition is hankering for an overture from a big-league squad! Frankie Simonelli has already received his call from close to every OHL and USHL team. But he has bigger fish to fry! The youngster will be a key player for the NTDP program in 2008-2009. Find out what the youngster brings to the table!
Also ran across this blurb from The Scouting News regarding Mersch:
Where is the logic?

The world of youth hockey is not totally subject to the laws of logic. Plenty of illogical stuff is going on. There were some illogical picks at the drafts this May, there were some illogical cuts from teams last season, etc. Why the NTDP waited so long to finally sign Team Illinois AAA top prospect Michael Mersch is yet another mystery of the illogical USA Hockey system.
Unfortunately, I can't access the rest of either article since I'm not a subscriber.