Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hockey News ranks WCHA logos

Well something absurd has occurred in the form in Hockey News' WCHA logo rankings.

Wisconsin's "W" finished 5th, the ranking itself doesn't matter its the logos ahead of UW that I have an issue w/.

I'll give the Sioux a pass at #4 despite the racist mascot, but coming in in 3rd is the purple cow from Mankato? Are you serious? A purple cow?

Even more absurd are the seawolves of UAA at #2. I can understand this ranking if the Hockey News felt sorry for the lowly seawolves; they are never going to see how ice in the WCHA playoffs so why not give them a reason to feel good about their program, I mean logo, for a week.

The most of absurd of all is the "M" of the dung rodents of minnesota at #1. So taking a prefectly good "M" and ruining it by smearing a ditry baby diaper across it for coloring is highly rewarded?