Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Jordan Schmaltz

Milewski and Baggot have more on the Jordan Schmaltz, the 1st NCAA commit for 2012, and I've included a few fun quotes.

Milewski (The IceHouse): Yes, he's 14

Milewski (TCT): Badgers get verbal commitment from 14-year-old
Mike Schmaltz said he's not concerned that his son was recruited too early. "He's been to quite a few different colleges, and he's been lucky to take a tour of hockey across the U.S. and Canada," he said. "He's probably not your typical 14-, almost 15-year-old kid."

Chicago Mission coach Mike McPartlin called Schmaltz "an extraordinary player." "On the ice you immediately notice what a smooth, strong skater he is, but it's his hockey IQ and his phenomenal passing skills that ultimately set him apart," McPartlin said on the team's Web site. "And although he's definitely gifted athletically, there's a lot more to him than just that. Jordy also has that burning passion to compete and be the best. All these qualities make him one of those rare players who makes the players around him better."

Baggot (WSJ): 14-year-old commits to Badgers

"I believe the special thing about Jordy is he sees what others don't see," said Mission coach Chuck Linkenheld, who will work with Schmaltz on the Midget Minor squad in 2008-09. "He's patient, he's creative and he's not afraid to make a mistake."

"I really liked the coaches and the campus," Jordan Schmaltz said of UW. "And I thought being in my hometown, playing for the Badgers, would be sweet."

Also, in his Select 15 report, Chris at WCH describes Schmaltz as "one of the better defensemen of the tournament" in his "other notables" list.

Overall, it sounds like he has good skating ability, passing ability, vision, and hockey sense. It's hard to project how a 14-year-old will progress, and recruiting a kid so young has the potential to backfire, but right now he sounds like a pretty good pick-up for the Badgers. Anyway, welcome to the Badgers, Jordan.