Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wooger and The Rug

A humorous post on goon's blog:
I found this poll on on which Minnesota Broadcasters are the biggest homers? Frankly, I would have thought that Wooger and the Rug would have been higher, one thing they are not is objective. Pot, kettle black. It also looks like they forgot to include Paul Allen for Vikings football...

Which team of broadcasters are the biggest homers?
Blyleven/Bremer (Twins) - 23% / 95 Votes

Hanneman/Peterson ( Wolves) - 5% / 19 Votes

Lee/Mona (Gopher Football) - 21% / 87 Votes

Grimm/Lynch (Gopher Basketball) - 0% / 1 Votes

Allen/Bercich (Vikings) - 23% / 96 Votes

Terhaar/Greenlay (Wild) - 17% / 70 Votes

Mazzacco/Woog (Gopher Hockey) - 12% / 49 Votes

Yeah, like goon, I would've thought that Wooger and The Rug would've scored higher, lol.

And speaking of Wooger and The Rug, tell me if they come to mind as you read this fun little post from He Score, He Shoot!.