Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baggot chimes in...

Andy Baggot adds his thoughts on the resignation of assistant Bill Howard. He does a good job of reading between the lines w/ out actually talking to either Coach Eaves or Bill Howard. I'm sure there is more to the story, but we'll never here it. Even if Bill Howard did have issue w/ Eaves in some regard, he won't publicly say it, because he is a stand up person, who undoubtedly loves UW Hockey and always will.

8 All-Americans and 3 NHL stars (even if Jim Carey was a flash in the pan) and another NHL star in the making in Brian Elliott is an impressive resume. Actually impressive doesn't quite cover it, unmatched in hockey history would probably be better.

The best quote from the article though, "News of his decision, while not surprising, prompted one Internet poster to compare it to the jarring departure of Green Bay Packers icon Brett Favre."

Not surprising? The season is 7 weeks away and there was no indication that Howie would be stepping down immediately. How is this not surprising? Sure every fan knew he would eventually retire, but I don't think a single person heard the news yesterday and said to themselves, "well I'm not surprised by this is in the least."

Baggot also has something about UW Hockey recruiting. This is probably the best piece I've read from Baggot over the years. He really puts the struggles of NCAA Hockey recruiting (from de-commitments to early departures) into prospective, finishing things up w/ thoughts on the recruitment of ultra young Jordan Schmaltz.