Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tom Gilbert is Mirtle's favorite #77 from '07-'08

James Mirtle recently did a little post on jersey numbers, and he listed his top players from last season by jersey number. When he got to #77, he picked Tom Gilbert. Yay, Tom!

(Ok, it's a slow news day, and I'm easily amused.)

Being unsure of who else may have worn #77 last season, I did a little google search and found this, indicating that Tom was "in competition with" Joe Corvo (Carolina), Chris Gratton (Tampa Bay), Ryan Parent (Philadelphia), Alexei Zhitnick (Atlanta), and Jay McKee (St. Louis - Thanks Mirtle!!). Of course, I'm too lazy to verify the information or to see if anyone was missed. *shrug*

And now that I've actually taken the effort to scan the rest of the list, I must point out that Mirtle also picked the following Badgers:
#15 Dany Heatley
#28 Brian Rafalski