Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Doing the right thing hurts sometimes

Since there isn't a link, 60 wanted me to type this out long hand. Yesterday in the Digest part of the WSJ Local section there was the following:

Charges filed in assault on athletes

Madison – A Madison man was charged Monday with one count of substantial battery and one count of misdemeanor battery for allegedly assaulting two members of the UW-Madison men’s hockey team last month.

According to a criminal complaint, Derell L. Carter, 32, punched Andrew Bohmbach in the nose, then knocked Benjamin Grotting to the ground causing him to lose consciousness and chip some teeth.

Bohmbach and Grotting told police Carter was with two females who started to fight with their companion, former Badgers women’s soccer team member Shannon Terry, after they left the Kollege Klub, 529 N. Lake St., shorting after 2 a.m. on July 20. They said Carter attacked them after they tried to break up the fight.

I read this as the Bohmber and Grotting got jumped by this guy after trying to do the right thing, coming to the aid of their friend. I find it very hard to believe that two of the toughest guys on the team would come out on the losing end of things otherwise. The Bohmber, one of the favorites of this blog, could kill a person just w/ this scowl.

I'm not well versed on laws and battery charges, but I think Mr. Carter is in a tad bit of trouble.