Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I Want During Minnesota Weekend

Let's get to the point. It's Minnesota this weekend, and I need to pack for Purdue. I'll be brief and not particularly eloquent. Here are a few things I want this weekend.

1. I want you guys to read these.
Five years ago, while on a marching band road trip to the Twin Cities, my friend Peter wrote his "Discourse on the History and Origins of the Suckiness of Minnesota". That trip ended with an epic blocked punt by Jonathan Casillas, cementing one of the most memorable Wisconsin victories over the Goofers. Five years later, they may have a new football stadium, but they're just as bad as ever, and Peter updated his treatise to reflect modern times. I know much of this is football-related instead of hockey-related, but it's an entertaining read nonetheless.

2. I want to see a butt-kicking.
Here's hoping the Badgers give the Goofers a bigger shellacking this weekend than the Republicans put on the Democrats on Tuesday.

3. I want to see Saturday's game on TV.
I'll be in West Lafayette this weekend for the Wisconsin-Purdue game. Let's just say that there had better be at least one bar there that gets the Big Ten Network at 7:00 on Saturday or $#!% is going to hit the fan.