Monday, November 8, 2010

A few more Badger-gopher series links

Saturday photos

Holt (Badger Herald): Wisconsin takes 3 points in Minneapolis
We’re a hard-working team to the core, that’s our mentality. - Jordy Murray

Good things happen when you go to the net. - Mike Mersch

I thought we played really well. When Minnesota was getting scoring chances, I thought we did a great job boxing out and battling in front of our net. - Scott Gudmandson

To come into this building and take three out of four points, and to battle back twice from being down, shows a lot of heart of this group. - Mike Eaves
Holt (Badger Herald): Freshman come into their own on the road
This was a big-time environment, this was playoff hockey, this was regional hockey. This kind of experience will help our freshmen grow immensely. - Mike Eaves
Our freshman line, that fourth line, played the best game they played all year. I thought Barnes played his best game all year and they got rewarded with a couple goals. - Jordy Murray, discussing Tyler Barnes, Jefferson Dahl, and Jason Clark.

The nicest compliment I can give them right after the game without watching film is, I didn’t notice you. That is a compliment for young defensemen, that means they didn’t cough it up, they didn’t trip over their own feet in the one-on-one situations. They were solid, so that was nice growth for them. - Mike Eaves, discussing Frankie Simonelli and Joe Faust
Evans (Daily Cardinal): High scoring games highlight Border Battle on ice
They are a big part of our team and they put up big numbers tonight. If they continue to play like that we have a chance to be successful. - Mike Eaves, discussing the play of his freshmen Friday night.
Augustoviz (StarTribune): Goalie Patterson: One point is better than none
It is definitely disappointing not being able to come away with a win, especially when they scored that last goal in the closing minutes. But you have to be happy with getting points coming away from this weekend. One is better than none. - Kent Patterson

I thought it was a great game. I am sure the Big Ten Network enjoyed the game. - Don Lucia

John Hill has been doing this a long time. He has been the constant over the years. - Don Lucia, defending his coaching staff. (I think this quote is incomplete, and you can fill in the blank: John hill has been the constant _______ over the years. My submission? Jackass.)

Justin Johnson is going to be here again for the second year working with our goalies as our volunteer coach. . . . We are fortunate to have him working with our team. - Don Lucia, still defending his coaching staff. (The gophers have a goaltending coach? Hmmm.)

It wasn't Alex's fault. - Jay Barriball, defending "goaltender" Alex Kangas after Friday's 6-0 blowout. (Barriball might be right. It might not be Alex's fault, because he's just a kangaroo, and he doesn't need this, dammit!)
Augustoviz (StarTribune): Barriball happy with team's improved play Saturday