Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plenty Of Tickets Available For This Weekend

There were already tickets available for this weekends series where Wisconsin will travel up to Minnesota to take on the Golden Gophers because Gopher fans are pathetic.

But I just found out that the Minnesota athletic department released even more tickets yesterday for this weekends series. A quick search on "My Gopher Sports" shows that you can easily pick up 4 seats for both nights as of this afternoon.

If reserved tickets do sell out, I would suggest buying the standing room tickets that they have for sale on the site. Having seen every Badger series at Mariucci over the past 5-6 years plus a hand full of other games at the John, I personally find standing on the rail at the top of the bowl to be the best view. Regardless, there will be open seats to sit in if you buy standing room tickets and really want to sit down.

Let's buy up all the available tickets and infuse the Mooch with plenty of cardinal and white for this huge weekend series. Our players noted that they were pumped with all the cardinal they saw in the crowd on the road at Denver a few weeks ago. With Minnesota right next door, let's teach Mariucci how to Bucky.
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