Sunday, November 7, 2010

Minnesota Weekend Thoughts

Random thoughts from the weekend in no particular order.

  • Fairly pleased with the goaltenders this weekend. Gudmandson played solid Friday and obviously got the shutout. Bennett played pretty good on Saturday. First goal was not a good play by him at all. He committed to going down waaaay too early and Matson had an easy goal. I love when Bennett plays the puck. He's very talented with the stick and his play led to our first goal Saturday. We need to keep the rotation and keep both goalies seeing rubber to keep them fresh and sharp.
  • John Ramage is a shot blocking machine. I'd love to see the stats on his blocked shots this weekend because it seemed like he blocked 10 each night by himself.
  • Justin Schlultz needs to come back to Wisconsin next season. He's super talented and his offensive skills are off the charts for a defenseman but much like Brendan Smith, he's got work to do on the other side of the puck.
  • Ryan Little spraying the cheerleader during intros was priceless.
  • Mark Zengerle had a big weekend despite banging up his knee on Saturday early in the game. He mentioned that it was painful, especially in the first period but was able to skate through it. Played very well too in my opinion, assisted on all three Badger goals Saturday. He said he should be fine, just needs to rest the knee a bit this week.
  • The Gopher crowd was pathetic this weekend. I'm not sure either night was a sellout in a building that seats only 10,000. Friday for sure wasn't sold out.
  • Taylor Matson was Minnesota's best player this weekend. That kid can play.
  • The dude at the Library Saturday night that threatened to beat me up for wearing a Badger jersey was an idiot.
  • Craig Smith might be the toughest player in the WCHA. Needs to use his head sometimes but he is a force.
  • Saw a fair amount of red in the stands this weekend, that was fun to see.
  • Michael Mersch is good. Very happy Eaves recommended he accelerate to come in early. A lot of people forget that he should be a high school senior this season. Same with Frankie Simonelli who started school early, both are high school senior aged kids. Both players just turned 18 in October.
  • Speaking of Simonelli, I thought him and Faust held their own this weekend.
  • Not sure if it was noted anywhere but Keegan Meuer was the extra forward on the trip this weekend. I would assume Springer was the extra defenseman.
  • Mariucci arena is usually a hotbed for NHL Scouts because a lot of them live in the twin cities area. I noticed Saturday night Saturday especially that there were hoards of NHL representatives in attendance.
  • Noticed 2012 (or 2013) Wisconsin recruit Tim Davison was in the building on Saturday night. Ohio State recruit Cliff Watson was with him as well. Both players were in town to play in the Bauer NIT tournament in New Hope.
  • Alex Kangas sucks.
  • Jordy Murray is a guy that any team in the country would love to have. I've really started to appreciate the things he does for this club.
  • Minnesota fans are pissed that Lucia was too stupid to hire Bill Butters and now we have him. I think It's hilarious. Talking to Gopher fans this weekend, and when Lucia gets canned, they noted if they can't get Blais, they want Butters. Interesting note to keep in mind I guess.
  • WCHA commissioner Bruce McLoed was in town for the series.
  • Wish I had video of one of the games this weekend and had video editing capabilities. The Gophers were running the trap a lot, and almost exclusively the past 12-13 minutes of third period Saturday night. Wish I had the video to give to all the so called hockey experts from Minnesota who complain about Wisconsin trapping. Minnesota used it a lot this weekend because they couldn't sustain a forecheck.
  • Tyler Barnes is coming around.
  • Liked what I saw out of Patrick Johnson this weekend. He's accepted his role on this team and he's playing at a solid level. Noticed his older brother was at the game Saturday night walking the concourse with Meuer. That Madison Memorial squad was pretty good in high school with those 3, Joel Sauer and Ryan Jeffrey.
  • Typed these notes while watching the Packer game. Clay Matthews is a man.
  • Remember when some Badger fans were calling for Eaves head at the start of last season? Idiots.
  • That's all for now. I'll probably add more when stuff comes to me tonight or tomorrow.
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