Monday, November 8, 2010

Potentially useful information for this weekend . . .

. . . so that you can properly heckle the officials after their many anticipated blown calls and/or loss of control of the game . . .

(Although Gandalf would point out that you don't need this list to recognize Todd Anderson, as you should be able to identify him anywhere by how stupid he looks . . . and D. Shepherd/Marco Hunt/Don Adam can easily be recognized by their abilities to lose control of the game . . . )

3-Derek Shepherd; 4-Todd Anderson; 5-Justin Brown; 7-Don Adam; 8-Tom Sterns; 9-C.J. Beaurline; 10-Peter Friesema; 11-Tim Walsh; 12-Butch Mousseaux (R-L); 14- Brian Thul; 15-Marco Hunt; 17-Craig Welker; 18-Max Battimo; 20-Brad Albers; 21-Paul Depyudt; 22-Bill Mason; 23-Matt Ulwelling (R-L); 24-Jon Campion; 25-Mike McCreary; 27-Jonathan Morrison; 29-Scott Bokal; 31-Brett Klosowski; 33-Brad Shepherd.

Linesmen (at UW)
34-Ed Moberg; 38-Dan Carey; 42-Dan Dineen; 51-Mike Gulenchyn; 65-Matt Gerlach; 87-Brad Roethlisberger.