Friday, November 12, 2010

Ryan McDonagh & assorted Friday morning links

  • The Hockey News has a very nice article on Badger alum RYAN MCDONAGH. (Thanks to anon for sharing.)
    “In my time at the combine, he’s been the single most impressive guy ever,” said Rangers director, player personnel Gordie Clark.

    “He’s just a smaller version of Marc Staal,” Clark said. “We did not have him as a point-producing guy. In the NHL, this guy is going to be a shutdown defenseman with his skating ability.”

    But don’t expect this Minnesota native’s NHL career to be put on hold for much longer, as the Rangers are expecting him to be with the big club at some point this season.

    “I don’t think there’s any question,” Clark said. “We lose Gabor, Prospal and Drury – well now we had to come up with a new way to win games and stay in the hunt until we get our talent back and every game is like a one-goal game. That wouldn’t have been a place for a young defenseman coming right out of college. He’s the go-to defenseman in Hartford.”
    By the way, the Hartford Wolfpack has been renamed the Connecticut Whale. Apparently whales are both family friendly and competitive. (Either that, or the hockey team isn't competitive.)
    “We have created a fun logo that not only captures the family-oriented approach of the Whale, but also represents the competitive nature of Coach (Ken) Gernander’s Whale team.”
  • Gandalf is going to be disappointed that he can't make this event tomorrow -- Alex Stalock Bobblehead Night at the DCU Center in Worcester, Mass. Don't worry G, I'm sure some of the bobbleheads will turn up on ebay so that you'll still be able to get one.
  • Did you know that ANDY BOHMBACH is "famous for his career in the NHL"? Wasn't aware that he had played an NHL game yet, lol, but hey, at least there are some Badger highlight videos there -- the 1st video, btw, has nice goals by TOM GOROWSKY and DEREK STEPAN.
  • When Chris Hickey left the Badgers, it was reported that he would transfer to Dartmouth. Apparently, however, he has decided to stay at St. Thomas, where he joined the team mid-season while sitting out the obligatory D1 season. Note to Hockey's Future: this St. Thomas is located in St. Paul and plays in the D3 MIAC; it's not the St. Thomas in New Brunswick, Canada. Anyway, I hope all is going well for Chris and wish him the best for the future.
  • A PSU hockey blog has taken offense to EoDS' BTHC post, which is kind of funny because EoDS really didn't mention PSU except as the obvious impetus for the likely creation of the BTHC, and so it seems a stretch to say that we're "taking out our frustrations re: Big Ten Hockey on [PSU]". I think it would be more accurate to say we're expressing our frustrations with the BTHC. Also amusing - apparently we're now an "NCAA hockey establishment blog", lol.